A couple days before i went to America my best friend Jo organised a surprise meal for me 🙂

All day i was getting my hair done (braids), which took around 6-7 hours, at the time i had no idea what was planned. She just told me we were going out in central London for a meal.

Time passed and i was still doing my hair and it was getting late. From where i was it takes around 40 minutes on the tube to get to central London. After 7 hours of sitting getting my hair done, i rushed to the station to meet Jo. I got there and i felt so bad for making her wait so long! (sorry Jo x) we walked from oxford circus down some random road (I’m rubbish with navigation in central) and we went into Tinseltown which is an American diner style restaurant, to “use the toilet”… to my surprise my friends were sitting on a table waiting for me! I felt so loved ❤
I felt so bad for making all of them wait so long for me to arrive but i was sooo happy to see my lovely friends before i went off to America for 4 months.

 Thank you Jo for an amazing surprise!



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