Taking Flight

Tuesday 20th August was the day that we flew out to America!

I hardly got any sleep because of my typical last minute packing and trying to stick to the 23kg weight limit for my luggage. Adding on to me being last minute, i still had shopping to do the day before and went to pick up a suitcase from my Auntie as mine was too small.

Our flight was at 14:25 so we all me at Terminal 4, Heathrow Airport, at this point my suitcase was at 26kg and i didn’t want to have to pay baggage fees so me, my Dad and sister had to take things out and put things in the hand luggage to make sure it went to 23 kg… somehow after all the rearranging and sorting i got it 23 kg on the dot!

We met up with the others going on the trip, checked in and said our goodby

We flew with Delta Airlines, stopping over in Atlanta then from Atlanta to Minneapolis. Altogether it took 11 hours and an extra 1 1/2 hours to the campus from the airport.

The service we received on Delta airlines was amazing! I have never had a service like that before, they were attentive to our every need and all the food, drinks and snacks were free. Because of the long flight i watched three films, the first was Bridesmaids, the second Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 and third Prometheus. They were all really good, but Prometheus was a bit weird and i thought the ending could have been better.

My first taste of America was when we had our stopover in Atlanta! I got to spend my first ever dollar when i bought a drink from a small cafe. As soon as the server opened his mouth and spoke i just couldn’t stop smiling (i love accents). He was so friendly and i knew from then i would love America.

Finally we got on our flight to Minneapolis, at this point all of us were tired and got some sleep on the plane. We collected our bags then met the CSBSJU representative Katie and she showed us to the coach which took us to campus.

Finally arrived on campus… Time to move in!


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