First week of class

I missed my first class on the first day. I assumed that i would be in all the same classes with the girls from the UK, but it turned out i had one class different to them. Oops! The teachers are really nice, especially in Global Enterprise. I don’t really like that class but she makes it fun & loves that she has international students in her class. They made us do the typical ice breakers like introducing ourselves etc & so many people were fascinated by the British accent!

During the week i had orientation with my internship supervisors & colleagues; I am doing an internship with the fine art department. They are all lovely people, i’m looking forward to properly start working with them!


I have one class on the other campus so it took a couple of days to get used to the bus system.


The first week was mainly getting to know the campus & finding our way around.


We also had a birthday celebration for the college marking its 100th year! We had red velvet cupcakes, bubbles & party hats.




We met tons of people, its so hard to remember everyones names!
Everyone is really friendly here so its not as daunting being in a new place.


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