Studying & Societies

This week we got given our first paper for Marketing. It is so different the way they write their papers so me & the Coventry girls struggled, but in the end i think we did okay! We also had our first group paper to write in Global Enterprise; i’m in a group of three with two guys & we ended up getting 23/25 (A) thank God! I was really worried about getting a rubbish grade because i don’t really like the class but now i can breathe!


At CSBSJU they do a monthly Birthday celebration for people who have a Birthday in that month. They had a photo booth, party hats for the Birthday people, music & dessert pizza. I never knew there was such a thing of dessert pizza, so i had to try some 😛



I tried Nutella & apple crumble. It was quite nice, but i don’t think ill go for it again.

There was also a clubs & society fair called ‘Involve-mint’ (they gave out huge mints that tasted horrible :/ ). As usual each club/society would entice you in to sign up with all the freebies. One stand was giving away free goldfish in a little tank!!! I was too late to get one 😦 I signed up for quite a lot, some were genuine & some was just for the freebies.

The societies i joined & will actually take part in are:

1. Illmatic Force – hip hop/street dance
2. Alpha Kappa Sigma – sorority
3. JEC – joint events council
4. BSA – Black Student Association
5. KJNB Radio – Me & Alix will have our own radio show (tune in!)
6. Intramural volleyball

I’m excited to start getting more involved at this University & meet new people 🙂



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