Food glorious food

I went to the shopping mall with Danielle & Alix as i had to buy smart shoes for my internship. We went into Sally’s & Target to get what we needed. Typical me ended up with two bags of shopping when i only went to the mall for my work shoes! (I think i have a shopping problem).
We hadn’t eaten dinner yet, so we thought it would be nice to try an American restaurant instead of the canteen food, we ended up going to Texas Roadhouse which is known for its delicious steaks.


All i can say is OMGOSH. Firstly the interior was American country style with stuffed animals everywhere, the food was so good & they give you unlimited sweet bread with cinnamon butter while you wait for your food, when a particular song came on the waiters/waitresses all had to line up and dance & because our waitress loved that we were from the UK we got a complimentary drink! 🙂


I went for BBQ chicken with shrimp, sweet potato & rice. The portion size was huge! So I had to take half of it home.



The aftermath of our food…

It was an amazing experience of having my first proper meal at an American restaurant so we’re planning to go again & invite the other exchange people too 🙂


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