BBQ & American Football

All the staff we have met so far have been lovely & welcoming to us since we arrived. I think in general Americans are nicer than British people (no offence). We got invited to a BBQ at Carol’s (lecturer) house because she wanted to welcome us to the USA and for us to meet her family & dog. We went with some of the American exchange students & Harry who is from Australia. The weather that day was uncertain, just like British weather! Rain, sun, rain, sun. It got pretty cold so we went inside to have tea & watched American football (my first time watching American football on TV) while Carol’s husband was preparing the BBQ. After a while the sun came out & we went out back to enjoy the BBQ.


The next weekend St Johns University American football team had a game against a local team. Once again the weather wasn’t looking too great, but i was determined to watch my first ever live American football game & support the Johnnies. Red, white & black are the university’s colours, almost everyone at the game was wearing red. I love how American’s all come together to support their college sports teams, it was an amazing atmosphere & experience.

I’ve never watched American football before so i had no idea what was going on, when everyone cheered i also cheered & i don’t get why they have breaks after 5 minutes of playing. After about an hour into the game we left because the rain was getting quite heavy & we wanted to catch the bus back before everyone got the same idea then have to wait ages in the rain. When we got back to St Bens me & Beth watched the volleyball match, i then left to get ready for my internship shift, working at the Patti Lupone performance.
Later we found out that SJU won the football match!!! Go Johnnies go!!!! 🙂



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