Twins Baseball game

I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to watch all these sporting events here in Minnesota because at home i haven’t had the chance. I have never been a big sports fan, in terms of watching; i prefer to play rather than watch. But since coming here i have become a new sports fan! I love watching the games & feeling the atmosphere around the stadium.
I went to see my first baseball game at the Target Field centre in downtown Minneapolis. It was Minnesota Twins vs Tampa Bay Rays. I did’t really know what was going on because i don’t know the rules etc but i just cheered when everyone else did. There was so much going on at the stadium from Fox News presenters, food stalls, merchandise & entertainment on the field before the game.


We had pretty good seats not too far & not too close. But the mascot never through a t-shirt to our area & we didn’t get on the big screen 😦
There was a ‘kiss cam’ it was so cute!

Minnesota Twins ended up beating the Tampa Bay Rays! It was a good day & i’m now fully supporting all the Minnesotan sports teams 🇺🇸






  1. Tampa Bay Rays are big in Tampa – surprise! When I was in Walmart in Tampa last June looking for souvenirs all I could see were all types of items with Tampa Bay Rays!

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