Busy bee 🐝

I’ve stopped titling my blog by the weeks because i’m so behind (oops). I’m always so busy but i’m enjoying the business as i never get bored. Along with studying i do an internship with the Fine Art Department. At first i thought it was going to be boring but as i’ve been working & learning it’s actually quite interesting. My role is “Events Intern”, i do various things from shadowing the house manager to box office to front of house. I have worked on 3 events so far: Patti LuPone, Cokie Roberts & the Homecoming Concert.



Since my last post i have started participating in the clubs & societies, i’m literally doing something everyday. I’ve started dancing with Elements (street dance/hip hop) we have a performance coming up in November!
I am also in Ξ›ΞšΞ£ (Alpha Kappa Sigma) which is a service sorority. We had our ‘Rush Week’ where we had to participate it various events throughout the week & where the Ξ‘ΞšΞ£ top everyday (thankfully laundry’s free). On Sunday we had initiation where we all had to read a pledge, sign the sorority book & we also got a special pin & a gift from our Bigs (Bigs=current members, Littles=new members).


I also play recreational volleyball with a team every Sunday evening & train during the week as i’m still a beginner, so far we’ve won 1/3 games.

Today i had my first meeting with KNJB Radio, i was 40 minutes late… (Don’t ask). We got trained on how to use the equipment and chose a time slot. So mine & Alix’s show will be held wednesdays 8-9pm!
I also found out this week that i am part of the Cultural committee with the Joint Events Council, so i’m looking forward to starting with them.

I am still part of BSA but i missed it last week because of homework 😦
On top of all that i go to class, do homework, go to the gym & try to have a social life! I can definitely say this is the busiest i have ever been but i can’t complain.



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