A trip to Sartell

A few weeks ago my Cultural Academic Orientation class (international students) got an invite to visit the home of our lecturer Lisa. She wanted us to meet her family, have a chance to hang out & get to know each other better. She lives in Sartell which is about 15 minutes away from campus. Upon arrival the area reminded me of Wisteria Lane in Desperate Housewives with the bright green grass, big houses, a man mowing the lawn & the peaceful nature surrounding the houses.

This how i have always known America, from the TV shows & films, it felt surreal to me. Once we got inside i was just in love with the house & its interior, from the furniture, the decor & the subtle smells of fall were all around. At that moment i seriously thought that one day i will move to America & have a house like this.


We got a tour of the house which made me fall in love even more. All the rooms were spacious & beautifully decorated with photographs artistically placed around the house. Our lecturer also prepared some delicious American food for us & had homemade apple cider.

When we finished the tour & had some food some of us went outside to relax in the warm weather, played some basketball (my team won! Yay) & some played a bean bag throwing game. There was one thing that i had always wanted to try. Tandem bike riding! They had an old bike which was still in good use, i was so excited & scared to go on it, but i just had to! So me & Alix were brave & went first…



It was really fun & definitely a workout!

I had such a great time in Sartell for the day. Thank you Lisa & family for your hospitality & a lovely time!




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