Millstream Arts Festival

Millstream Arts Festival is an outdoor art show with a wide variety of visual arts, music, dance, foods, and hands-on art activities for children. There’s something for everyone! It is held on the last Sunday in September in St. Joseph, Minnesota.

This was a really fun afternoon out & the weather was beautiful. I made sure to take pictures & go around looking at every stall to see if there was anything nice to buy for family & friends. I found a couple lovey things, i’m excited to give these gifts.
There was so many people out for this festival, a lot more than i expected because during normal days St Joseph is like a Ghost town to me! But it was really nice seeing the community all coming together to enjoy this day.


When i arrived the musicians were playing & one band i listened to were really good! I stayed to watch their set & took some videos & pictures.

Everything at the festival was all homemade or locally made, including the talented Joel Cherrico; a local young potter who graduated from St Johns University in 2010. I was never really interested in pottery until i saw him… I mean his pottery! I even bought one of his creations, me & the girls were very impressed.




There was a lot of interesting art & entertainment at the festival from spoken word, elderly tap/clog dancers, musicians & live demonstrations. It was a fun day & i got to experience a part of Minnesotans art & culture.






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