Mall of America

A couple weeks ago i went to the Mall of America in Minneapolis with some people from my Cultural Orientation class. Our lecturer booked a lovely hotel & organised the travel for us to get there and back (thanks Mallory & Lisa).
We left in the evening and it takes an hour and a half to get to the cities from campus. When we arrived to the Hotel we checked in and went to our rooms; we all split up in groups of 4 & had 2 queen size beds in each room.

After setting our things down in the hotel we all got hungry & decided to have dinner at an Indian restaurant. It was the first time some of the Chinese & Japanese students tried Indian food.

The food was delicious & the service was really good!

The next day we finally made our way to the Mall of America! As many of you know i love to shop, so i was very excited to see what was on offer. When we got inside i was amazed! There is an aquarium in the entrance if the mall & when you continue forward there is a theme park inside the mall!!!


I felt dizzy, there was just way too many things going on & so many people. It was crazy!


We all split up & went to shop. Me & beth thought we would work our way from the too, going down. We soon realised it was a bad idea because we got lost so many times and didn’t even get to see some of the other floors because the mall is that huge! I did get to go in a few stores like Victoria Secret, Sephora, Forever 21 & other American stores. I bought a few things for myself & some gifts for people too!
After a few hours of walking around & queuing up in shops, we met up with some of the others & headed for lunch. It took us so long to decide because i am quite indecisive & the group i was with, were indecisive also. Finally we just went to one called Tony Roma’s, which was a steak, seafood Italian style restaurant.


The food was also really good & service was great! After food, the whole group reunited & we made our way home & stopped off where Mississippi river passes through.
I am definitely going back to the Mall if America before i leave because there was just too much to see in such a short time & i didn’t get a chance to go on a ride at the theme park.
Till next time MOA…



  1. Ok, randomly found your blog looking up something at the Mall of America. I love that you are blogging about your study abroad trip! I wish I had done that with mine! I went to Germany in 2004 and only had a film camera back in the day. The study abroad trip is something that you will treasure for a lifetime. I hope you continue to have a great experience. 🙂

    1. I never thought to blog at first but then i thought it would be good to document my time here. I agree, this experience so far has been amazing and i will tell anyone, if they have the chance, to study abroad!

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