Clubs & societies update

As many of you know or from previous posts i mentioned that i signed up to quite a lot of club/society groups: Alpha Kappa Sigma service sorority, Element, KJNB Radio, Joint Events Council, intramural volleyball & Black Students Association.
There have been many changes & updates since my last post. Firstly me & Alix finally got our radio show going back in October, our show is Wednesday 8-9pm USA time & Thursday 2-3am UK time. Our show is based on the UK, so we only play music from UK artists & talk about various things about the UK & culture differences & experiences. Its a lot of fun & i never thought i would ever have my own radio show. If you are ever awake tune in at


I haven’t got much to talk about AKS because over the last few weeks I’ve been so busy with homework and my internship i couldn’t go to the meetings :/ Its the same with BSA, I’ve been so consumed with work & sometimes the radio show would clash with the timings of their meetings, but i was able to help organise a Soul train dance. I didn’t even know what soul train was (hides face)… But i guess it was more of an American show. Everyone had to dress up in outfits from the 50s – 90s, i enjoyed myself & it was so much fun to see an event you contributed to come to life.



Bad news with volleyball… We got kicked out! Our team missed too many games & so they emailed us saying we cant play anymore. Its a bit annoying because it was really fun, but it was tough as we all have different schedules & some team members are Seniors which is hard for them to always meet up for games because of assignments. In the end it was a bit of fun, but a shame we can’t play.
I have been more involved with the JEC with the planning & working at events. A few weeks ago they had a retreat where all the JEC committees came together & had to come up with ideas for new events, create a new mission statement for your committee & start organising the events set up for December. Because i am part of the cultural committee i had to read out the mission statement because of my accent. My committee have already started planning our December event which i think will be one that everyone will love.

Finally Element! Probably my favourite club i joined. I am not a dancer, so I’m pretty average, but i love to dance & wanted to do something to keep me fit & also meet new people here. I started in September and we have been preparing for performances, one of which was yesterday! I have only performed a dance in front if my Church a few Easters back, which wasn’t a big crowd. But yesterday the place was filled because there were 29 other teams showcasing their dance. I was so nervous & made a couple mistakes but we did well! I am so happy i decided to join because i have met so many lovely people & had a lot of fun, i feel sad i wont be able to dance with them next year but i will continue to support them. We also have 2 more performances of the same dance coming up in December so I’m looking forward to that. Here are some pictures from the show…








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