Thanksgiving Break: Day 4

Two words. Black Friday! This event is like marmite, “you either love it or hate it.” Some people absolutely love Black Friday & will start lining up at stores to be the first inside at midnight or earlier. Some people cherish sleep (like me) & will wake up early but at a more reasonable time to shop & some who don’t care for it & would rather stay in their homes in comfort. I don’t blame them, because some of the stories i’ve heard & videos that i’ve seen would make a person want to stay safe indoors. But being the shopaholic i am, i had to experience what the fuss was all about & buy friends & family some presents!

Me & my friend Danyal decided not to go to the Mall of America because we knew how packed it would be, so we decided on Rosedale Mall, which reminded me of The Bentalls Centre in Kingston, London, just a lot bigger, but not as big as Westfield.
To my surprise there wasn’t actually a lot of people around, but looking at the car park you would think the mall would be flowing with people everywhere. It felt like a normal shopping day back in London. My friend kept saying how packed it was to her, but for me it was normal, or quiet to how i assumed Black Friday would be. I really thought i was going to whiteness something crazy happen from what i’ve seen online, but it was a calm day. I managed to get nearly all the things i wanted to get for people & bought a couple things for myself (as always :P). The deals were quite good, so i did go a little crazy, but i kept on thinking I’m not here for much longer, i might as well get as much as i can during the Black Friday sales. That was not the best mentality to have because now i’m scared to check my bank account!

After shopping, we took a break & got some bubble tea! Then headed home to relax after shopping. All in all, my first Black Friday was a success & an interesting experience.




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