Thanksgiving Break: Day 5

I woke up feeling so tired from being in the mall nearly all day on Friday. Danyal’s mum had another thanksgiving meal planned for us & the immediate family members. It was a struggle getting out of bed, but the family members were scheduled to arrive soon, so we had to hurry before they came. I was happy to have a part 2 for thanksgiving before i left as ive never had one & her family are so lovely it was nice to see them. Once again there was a lot of food. Soul food 🙂 i really love how Americans make their mac n cheese and the sweet potatoes were so good!


After the food we all talked for a while and played a game called buzzword. I’d never heard of the game before, but it was quite simple. You have 2 teams and you have a set of cards with the ‘buzzword’ and your team members have to guess the buzzword from the set of clues on the card, all within a 30 second time limit. The game was so funny because after all the food we ate our brains weren’t focused to answer questions at that point. Some of the cards were really simple & no one could guess the word. There were so many funny moments in that game, it was a lovely afternoon full of family, laughter & more memories made.

All in all i had a great time relaxing in the cities, i got to meet a wonderful family who welcomed me & treated me with such love. I got to have my first Thanksgiving & eat delicious food. I got to experience black friday shopping which was great! I’m glad i got to have this experience.


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