Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

For the past week or so we have been living in below zero temperatures & have had so much snow. Specifically -15 to -26 degrees celsius! I didn’t even know that kind of weather was humanly possible. I really don’t know how people live here & everyone says it only gets worse! But the worst is in January & February, which i guess I’m lucky as i go home end of this month.
The whole campus is covered in beautiful, white, fluffy snow, not like snow in the UK. The campus looks so pretty, but the cold is too much at times especially when the wind chill hits. It literally feels like burning on your skin. You have to be wrapped up from head to toe. When i get home i’ll probably feel warm in UK winter!
I have never experienced this kind of cold weather in my lifetime, but I’m surviving & soon i’ll be back to “normal” winter/cold weather.

2 weeks to go…








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