There’s no place like home

After my semester abroad in Minnesota I flew black home on the 23rd December 2013, just in time for Christmas. It was definitely bittersweet; I missed America and all my friends over there, but I was so happy to be back home and see my family and catch up with all my friends. If you have been following my blog, by now you can probably tell I love keeping busy and doing things in my spare time. Instead of chilling during my Christmas holiday, I was out and about with friends, house hunting for my second and third semester at university and visiting family.


Once I settled back in London, I realised that parts of my experience in America rubbed off on me. I constantly wanted to do new things, explore and make the most out of life. One of the main things I did was teaming up with two friends that I’ve known for a few years and we started up our own events company called Xel Club. I was approached by one of the guys who put Xel Club together, my first thought was “I can’t do this, I’m only 20 and still at University?!”. I thought he was mad to ask me. The more I thought about it, I felt like I’d be stupid to turn down an opportunity where I could gain insight and valuable knowledge to the events industry. And who says you’re too young to start your own company? In January I had my first meeting with the guys and we basically started it off from that point. I believe it has potential to go far.


A couple other things I did whilst in London before heading back to University, was going to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park and watching the New Years fireworks in Waterloo. I normally stay at home or go to Church for New Years, but I wanted to do something different, it was so cool. New Years Eve was also the day I was finally reunited with my best friend after my 4 months away!




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