When in Rome…


There are no words to describe just how beautiful Rome is; you have to see it to believe it, (unfortunately my pictures don’t do it justice). During my time in Madrid I was thinking about visiting other European countries, and lucky enough my cousin decided to celebrate her 22nd Birthday in Italy. We stayed right in the heart of Rome for 4 days, everything was within walking distance (we walked everywhere apart from the occasional taxi at night).

I flew from Madrid Airport to Ciampino early Friday morning and went over to Fiumicino Airport to meet my cousin and her friend, it was my first time flying alone and the journey was so stressful! I nearly missed my flight because the taxi service in my area is terrible in the early hours (if I haven’t mentioned before I basically live in a small town/village on the outskirts of Madrid centre). I also got lost in the airport and couldn’t find my gate and anyone I asked for directions couldn’t speak English or told me the wrong way. But in the end I caught my flight and was on my way.

Once we were altogether we made our way to our hotel (we stayed at Hotel Marvi – great service, free breakfast and lovely and extremely helpful staff). We were all exhausted from the early flights so we took a short nap and later headed out for Dinner. This was the first taste of Italy, literally. It took us a while to find somewhere to eat, but once we did it was worth the search. After dinner we headed back to the hotel to get ready for The Colosseum Bar Crawl; this was a great way to meet other people and see the sights of Rome at night.


The next day we went to Piazza Navona and did some sightseeing, had a lovely meal for my cousins birthday and visited the museum near by, followed by some delicious gelato. My cousins friend opted for “Viagra flavour” lol! But apparently it tasted good. Later that night we went out clubbing to celebrate my cousins 22nd Birthday.



We also visited Saint Peter’s Square in Vatican City, that day was surprisingly hot for November, it was over 20 degrees Celsius! So we also thought it would be a good idea to do a city bus tour to take in all the sights with our little time we had left. It was my first city bus tour and I highly recommend it! If you are in a place for a short time, it is definitely worth it as you get to see most of the city and “hop on hop off” at any time. We only hopped off once and stumbled upon an amazing rooftop viewpoint of the city. It was honestly breath taking. We got to watch the city of Rome go from daytime to sunset to night time, it was honestly beautiful (if  you know me I love my city skyline views)!


That night we had our last meal together and got ready for our final night out in Rome. We didn’t really know where to go as it was a Sunday but we had a couple of options and got the cab driver to help us. After a few failed attempts of finding somewhere decent, the cab driver took us to a Latin inspired nightclub, the music and atmosphere seemed so live and potentially would have been a great last night. We tried to get in but because it had already passed 1am (yes I know we left too late) we couldn’t get in, I even pretended that I was a ‘famous singer’ and sang for the bouncer (he actually believed me and said he recognised me lol) but all our efforts were pointless, so it was a fail last night in Rome. We ended up getting pizza and walking the empty streets of Rome instead, which was still an alright last night.

Our final day in the beautiful Roma came around way too fast. None of us wanted to leave. My cousins friend was the first to go so me and my cousin checked out of the hotel, had a quick lunch and bought some souvenirs before going to the coach station. My flight wasn’t till 9pm, but I thought I should leave early so I wasn’t in a rush, like always. My cousin got on her coach and I waited in the coach station café for about 3/4 hours. I thought by being there early I would have no trouble travelling, but surprise surprise two of my coaches got cancelled! and if I got the next one I would have been late and missed my flight. So I decided to meet up with my friend from University who lives in Rome and is currently doing his placement year there, we had a nice catch up and I decided to get a taxi in the end, it was a lot more money but I made it to the airport in time and headed back to Madrid.

My cousin has a YouTube channel and filmed our time in Rome, so if  you would like to see more of what we got up to in Rome, check out the YouTube video below (Beware of the craziness!). We had such a great time, hope you enjoy the video (It’s quite long so grab yourself a cup of tea or a glass of vino)!

I would definitely visit Rome again, it has so much beauty and history, the people are lovely and the food is great. I think it even has more of a romantic vibe and atmosphere than the otherwise suggested cities, for example Paris, but nevertheless an amazing city with so much to offer. I think everyone should visit Rome if you have the chance, like I said before you have to see it with your own eyes to understand what I’m talking about.

Ciao x


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