Life’s a beach

IMG_2300Often there are times when we forget to appreciate the simple things.

We can get so caught up in this crazy biosphere we call life, that we forget to stop, unwind and see the beauty of the world in front of us.

After 3 months of living in Melbourne, I finally made it to St Kilda Beach. It took so long due to procrastination, University and all that stressful house hunting malarkey. Even though it took me a while to get to the beach I’m so glad I did when I did. It wasn’t the hottest of days, but it was hot enough for me to catch a tan! (yes, brown people tan too). It was just what I needed – I felt refreshed, at peace and blessed.

St Kilda beach is known for being one of Melbourne’s favourite beaches. I was surprised to see that hardly anyone was around, but I preferred it like that anyway. We wanted to avoid the crowds that the weekend brings so we went on a Wednesday afternoon (probably the reason for the quiet beach). Also from viewing the weather forecast, it looked like Melbourne wasn’t  going to have many sunny days after that, so we wanted to make the most out of the heat while it lasted. We wanted to stay on the beach to capture the sunset, but unfortunately it got quite cold so we decided to leave, but here are a few of the pictures I took that day…


IMG_1784 IMG_1787

Now that it’s Autumn/Winter in Melbourne, there are unfortunately no more ‘beach days’ for me. 😦

“Life’s a beach… enjoy the waves”.



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