Touring Melbourne

For most people who have never studied abroad, you would assume that being in your 3rd year of studies, would come with high stress levels and a large work load. But in reality (well for me anyway), studying abroad hasn’t been too bad and student life in Melbourne wasn’t too different from my experiences in the UK. Most of my classes were at a 3rd year level, but I felt like I was back in my first year of uni.

For one of my modules I organised and ran a charity event with 5 other students, we decided to create a 90s Hip Hop themed event on campus. We raised awareness and money for the charity ‘HipHop4Hope’ and the event was a great success. We even had a surprise visit from ‘Bkode’ a popular dance crew in Australia.


I finally managed to do more tourist things in Melbourne when Shanalee’s friend came to visit for a week. We went to the Eureka Skydeck which is the tallest viewpoint in the city, It was a spectacular view. We also went to the Crown Casino. I’ve only been to one other casino a few years back so I didn’t know what to expect. In the end I lost some money but then made it back and more! It was a fun experience.


I’m not one for museums and such, but we thought the Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium would be something different and interesting. I had a bad experience at London Zoo’s aquarium when I was younger so I thought I wouldn’t enjoy it, but I was pleasantly surprised and actually learnt a lot and saw some beautiful sea creatures.


Melbourne is known for some of their famous eats and restaurants, in my opinion there isn’t as much cuisine variety as the UK. There is a lot of Oriental and Asian restaurants everywhere so you’re spoilt for choice. I wouldn’t recommend the Australian Nando’s if you have eaten the UK version, its just not the same and quite disappointing.

That week we ate at a really good Chinese restaurant, pancake parlour and tried a ‘typical’ Melbournian food known as chicken parma, which was huge but also delicious!.


Who would have ever known a pink lake existed!

At Westgate park there is! After researching what to do in Melbourne, we came across the pink lake and decided to take the short trip to see it for ourselves. I was surprised of how unknown it is, even from the people who have lived in Melbourne for years. A pink lake is a real natural phenomenon and the pictures don’t lie! The lake is only pink during the summer/early autumn months and it returns to its normal blue in winter. We arrived at the lake a little bit late in the evening so it wasn’t as bright, but it was still bright enough and was such an amazing sight.
Its definitely a must see if you’re in Melbourne!


We were also part of a live taping of Millionaire Hot seat at the docklands studios which was fun but a lot of work! (We weren’t allowed to take pictures). You would never know how exhausting being an audience member can be until you are one yourself. There was a chance to win some cash during the taping just for being in the audience, unfortunately we didn’t win. But me and Shanalee got pulled up on stage due to our accents to play a game during the break which was hilarious, and on the last taping we got free ice skating tickets.

There is definitely an array of things to do in Melbourne and so much more that we didn’t get to explore. I’m glad that we got to see more of the city and try new things. Especially since we were on the other side of the world, I wanted to make the most of it before heading home.



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