White Night Melbourne

 After a few nights we had to leave the beautiful apartments in the Docklands and stayed in Flemmington, which is about 20 minutes on the tram from Melbourne CBD (Central Business District). We booked the Docklands and Flemmington apartments with an app and website called ‘Airbnb‘, which Shanalee introduced to me. I think it is very useful and definitely a great way to find last minute accommodation at decent prices and you can also make some money if you have your home or rooms available to host people.

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On Saturday the 21st February, Melbourne held an annual street festival called ‘White Night’, which is an event that has been running for the past 3 years in the heart of Melbourne’s Central Business District, filling up the streets with thousands of people each running year. White Night is a ‘one night only’ event running from 7pm to 7am. This idea derived from the original concept; ‘Nuit Blanche’, created in 2002 originating from Paris, France.

We got to the CBD around 11:30pm as we were told it would be lively at that time. Since we didn’t have a great start to our Australian adventures we thought that this would take our mind off the stress of house hunting and have some fun. I assumed White Night would be something like Notting hill Carnival in London, but at night. We were quite disappointed. It wasn’t that lively, most people were just eating and sitting around and the “light shows” weren’t that great either. We ended up meeting some people and tagging along with them till we decided to leave. I think my expectations for the event were too high, but it was an experience and we somewhat enjoyed ourselves.wertyuytre


Learning things the hard way!

Following on from my previous post ‘Amigos‘, these are the series of unfortunate events that took place…

First impressions of the apartment were good, the location was perfect, we liked the layout and the space was more than enough for 5 people (he did tell us the fridge door was a bit dodgy, but for one night we didn’t mind). Before getting to the apartment we asked for the “free wi-fi” password. As soon as we put our bags down we tried to log in, it didn’t work for any of us, so we called the guy and he kept giving us the same password but it wasn’t working. He even called the internet provider but it didn’t work. We realised that there was no way of getting wi-fi so we started getting ready for the night.

Like normal human beings, some of us had to use the bathroom. My friend went, flushed the toilet and said the bath plug hole was bubbling but we all thought nothing of it. The next person went, flushed and noticed the bubbling plug hole again, but this time “stuff” was coming out of it (*WARNING* If you have a weak stomach or if you’re eating something, skip the next couple of lines!!!). After the smell that started coming from the bathroom we soon realised what that “stuff” was. POO! yes, poo/poop/excrement, whatever you want to call it was coming out of the baths plug hole!!! I was so disgusted and shocked that in a wealthy area of Madrid you can still find places like this, I have stayed in a village in Africa that had better toilet facilities than that! We had to call the guy to come back and explain what the heck was going on. He came back and was “surprised” to see the situation in the bathroom and claimed he didn’t know why it was happening. At this point I was ready to leave.

The guy left once again and we carried on getting ready, trying to ignore what was happening in the bathroom. Nothing else could go wrong we thought. How wrong were we! While getting ready one of my friends went to sit on the bed and one of the legs broke (after looking at the bed we discovered it was already broken to begin with). Shortly after that the electricity cut out and we had to wait for the guy to come back again. After this point all of us were so annoyed, but tried to stay positive given the circumstance. We finished getting ready once the lights came on, played a couple of drinking games and headed out to meet my friends at the club.

We got outside and met a couple of people, we got talking and the next thing we knew was two undercover policemen came at us demanding to see our ID. We were so confused but soon realised that you’re not allowed to drink alcohol in public. After taking our names down and getting a verbal warning, we finally made our way to the club to meet my friends. (I got us on the guest list which gives you free entry and 2 free drinks before 1:30am), we made it to the door, only to be told we were in the wrong queue! It was either pay 20 euros or leave. So we left and went to an Irish bar down the road instead. I felt bad for my friends visiting Madrid and on the first night out we experienced all of that.

We tried to stay positive despite the unfortunate events, but the reality of it was a mess, literally. We look back on it now and laugh, but it was not amusing to say the least. Moral of the story is to ALWAYS check and listen to the reviews online, not everyone is exaggerating!